A warm welcome to Enchanted Tarot!

I have been reading tarot cards for a number of years, helping so many of my lovely clients overcome issues in their lives. As I have progressed over the years I now offer my services to centres and churches with mediumship both in the UK and abroad. My spiritual journey has been a really enjoyable experience, meeting interesting and inspiring people.


As time has moved on I am now able to offer help to those that need help with blockages in their life; many of which prevent them moving forward. Please visit my pages for the services I offer, and look at comments from previous and new clients, and reviews. Thank you in advance for taking the time to view my website. I hope you will enjoy my website, but if there is any more information or questions , please don't hesitate to contact me. hope you find the right person to make your connection. I can make a difference to you finding your spiritual pathway just as I have.


Many thanks, 

Annette Geering


What do I offer?

I am pleased to share my mediumship and psychic gift with all of my new and past clients. I live my life in the hope of passing on the experience I have gained over the years, to enable you to achieve your goals and ambitions on your own personal pathway. This will allow you to look back over your own time to see what you've accomplished so far on your journey. Please take a look at the services I offer below. If you are looking for a service not listed below, contact me today and I'll try my best to meet your requirements for you to progress on your journey.



I offer Tarot Card readings using the Rider-Waite pack in a variety of settings. I have a dedicated space with a relaxed atmosphere to work from within for my readings.

I can also offer over-the-phone readings, and can also arrange to travel to Trowbridge or the surrounding areas to do group readings or parties. 

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements. A warm welcome awaits you - do not hesitate to contact me today!



I frequently run Tarot Card courses from my home in Hilperton, Trowbridge. This is usually offered in a group setting but the course can also be delivered online. I have successfully run a number of these courses. 

This course is designed around interpretations of the cards in the Tarot Card deck, handed to me through spirit. It aims to help you develop your own awareness to spirit, enabling you to make your own interpretations of the cards.

The course helps in building confidence within the friendly group setting. A certificate is provided at the end of the course and you will receive a meditation CD which will enable you to practice between sessions.



I offer my mediumship in a variety of settings, ranging from churches and centres to private group sessions within the client's home.


For those who perhaps aren't familiar with what mediumship consists of, or have never attended one of these events, I have provided a short explanation below.


What is mediumship?

I connect with loved ones from spirit who channel messages to me to pass on, that are needed by the audience, always working within the loving light.

If you'd like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me today with any questions or queries you may have!



I also offer intuitive, solution-focused hypnotherapy to help with a range of issues, from anxiety and stress, to  Please feel free to visit the website below to explore my hypnotherapy solutions.

Solution Based Hypnotherapy uses modern, practical and extensively researched strategies to aid clients to make significant improvements to their lives in a fairly short space of time. While there are other therapies available,  solution focused hypnotherapy is a more modern effective therapy that can improve your way of coping with situations within your life and improve the quality of your wellbeing.

Learn more about my Hypnotherapy services by clicking the link




Join me in my Garden Retreat room where you'll find a warm welcome awaits you. I will talk you through a relaxation to prepare your body and mind, allowing you to forget your worries and strains. We will then open the 7 Chakras of the body.

I will then let spirit guide me to guide you on your spiritual journey to connect with your loved ones , angels and spirit guides. We will come back within the room, giving you activities to strengthen your awareness, for example working with the cards, or just to give out a message if it's needed within the session. After thanking spirit, we will reflect back on the journey we have just taken, closing the chakras to protect us, and to send the healing and prayers out that are needed. We will then have light refreshments and discuss the experiences we have had in the session.



In addition to the services listed here, I can also offer things such as:

  • Recorded readings

  • Gift Vouchers

  • Attending spiritual fares

  • Meditation CDs

For clients wishing to purchase a reading as a gift for a loved one, I also offer gift vouchers and e-vouchers. These are available to purchase both through my online store, found further down this page, or in person.

If there is any service you require not listed above, do not hesitate to contact me, and I will try my best to meet your requirements.


What is Tarot?

I have worked with the Rider-Waite cards for a number of years, a deck of cards that is widely available and commonly used for Tarot readings. The pack consists of 78 cards, featuring the major Arcana (indicating a major change in your life) and the minor Arcana (these are the cards that make up the rest of the deck). 

The cards are divided into four main suits:

- Wands

- Cups

- Swords 

- Pentacles

Please find some examples of my interpretations of the cards below! Are you intrigued to learn more? Are you a Tarot Card reader in the making? Do not hesitate to contact me today to learn more - scroll to the bottom of the page to contact me today. 


I'm truly blown away. Annette immediately set me at ease and asked me to relax. Which wasn't hard as the surroundings are beautiful. Annette connected with a spirit of mine and what she said couldn't have been more true. I was astounded. I left feeling happier, lighter and will certainly be back again in the future for more guidance. Thank you so much Annette.

September 2020

I had my first reading with Annette today and I cannot recommend her enough! She is kind and compassionate while highly skilled at her craft. During my reading with her today I realised issues I was experiencing were simply not going to resolve alone, so I opted to start hypnotherapy sessions. I can't thank her enough. 


Welcome to my store! Here you will find my Meditation CDs available as digital downloads, as well as a range of gift vouchers. To see the full range of vouchers that I sell, press 'See more' on the Gift Vouchers page.


CD download 1 - Opening and closing the Chakras

A guided meditation set to music teaching you how to open and close the Chakras



CD download 2 - Grounding and protection

A guided walk through the forest trees helps you learn how to ground and protect yourself.



Gift vouchers

These print-at-home gift vouchers are a convenient present for loved-ones, and available to suit all price-ranges and budgets. 


Latest news and events

Wiltshire College

I am pleased to announce that I am running my Tarot course at Wiltshire College incorporating two parts part 1 and part 2 - for more information, click the link below:

Link to Wiltshire College site.


Meditation CDs

I have just finished off a two-CD meditation series, producing two CDs - CD 1 - Grounding and Protection, and CD 2 - Opening and Closing the Chakras. These will be available to buy in physical form from me or alternatively on my website as an audio download from my shop.



Congratulations to everybody who attended my Tarot Card Course. I have enjoyed working with you all to help you develop your awareness of the Tarot Cards. It was lovely to present you all with certificates and enjoyed the final evening x.


Enchanted Tarot

by Annette Geering