During hypnotherapy with Annette I felt very relaxed and peaceful. After the treatment I felt happy and at ease. I felt as though my mind had become clearer. I also felt more connected to everything. Immediately after my first session I felt refreshed and revitalised. All of the information I was given was very interesting. Since my last session of hypnotherapy I have felt much more relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. I have felt more outgoing and less paranoid about others.

I found my initial consultation very interesting, I felt relaxed and well informed. Annette has a lovely warm personality which makes you feel at ease. I am very much looking forward to starting hypnotherapy sessions. After my first session I felt totally and deeply relaxed. The visualisations were even more visual than before, more colourful and peaceful. During my third session I was extremely relaxed and experienced super visualisation, birds singing, feeling water bubbling, and feeling of being enveloped by colours. I experienced a wonderful feeling. Thank you Annette – you are fabulous.

I really enjoyed meeting Annette and it was interesting to hear the explanations of how the mind works. I found Annette really friendly and approachable and am looking forward to coming again and finding out more about hypnotherapy.

I really enjoyed this evening, a real eye opener. I am looking forward to the next session. I found it all very relaxing and comforting. Thank you for the opportunity Annette.

My initial consultation was very interesting. Annette gave a lot of information and facts that I did not know before. Annette also made sure I understood the explanations throughout. My first session was very relaxing. I could feel myself drifting in and out of a deep trance/sleep although each time Annette spoke, my awareness came back into the room and I was able to hear and retain the information and take it away with me. A few days later I was in a situation where I would normally clam up. I was talking to a stranger and I was able to keep the conversation going and didn’t feel as anxious as I would usually.

I found the initial session very interesting and informative, learning about the two areas of the brain. The information was delivered in a relaxed manner, which made me feel comfortable about discussing my problems. After the second session I felt very relaxed. This time I could hear some of the words that Annette said, which I felt resonated better in my mind. This last week I have felt that my energy level has increased. I have felt more determined to set and achieve goals I have even applied for a job. After third session – I felt very relaxed and in a trance, continued improvement in confidence. I have been proactive this week.

I felt very chilled throughout the initial consultation. I found it very interesting, it all made sense once broken down.

I felt really at ease, Annette has such a lovely voice – she is great at explaining things, I found everything very interesting. I can’t wait for my first session.After just one session I’ve felt more confident in tackling issues I’ve found it easier to stay and keep calm and relaxed.

I heard that hypnotherapy was amazing for stress, from what I have experienced I have to agree. I feel far more relaxed and centred since my last session.

Enchanted Tarot

by Annette Geering