How can Hypnotherapy help?
  • Sleep illnesses; insomnia, sleep apnea, reoccurring nightmares, excessive and extreme sleepiness. Either too much or too little sleep can affect both our physical and mental health and well-being, and can at times be the base of other issues in our lives. It can also affect our work performance or impair our ability to lead a normal life, dealing with day to day tasks. Solution focused hypnotherapy can assist in restructuring your sleep pattern, enhancing your daily life and well-being.

  • Eating disorders, these are characterised by having abnormal attitudes towards food such as under eating, binge eating and over-eating. These can be detrimental to our lives, causing strain on our bodies, be you underweight or overweight, your heart and other major organs will be working so much harder, this can exhaust you or cause unwanted feelings of illness. When you eat correctly, either less or more whichever you need, you will become healthier, your body will have the ability to heal itself and work normally and efficiently, enhancing your life. Stress can play a big part in weight issues, solution focused hypnotherapy will help you to set realistic targets and help you climb that ladder to your final goal, either as a sole treatment or complementary alongside medication, to help you to correct your eating habits, stabilising your weight if you are under-weight or helping you to lose weight if you are over-weight, giving you back your life and all too often the confidence that goes with it.

  • Addictions such as smoking. Giving up smoking is more than just not buying cigarettes, for many this has been a habit that has formed and embedded over many years, it is a physical and mental addiction. The actions of smoking are just as hard to tackle as is the denial of nicotine in one’s body. We are well aware of the health implications that smoking can cause and the pain that loved one’s can also suffer as a result of illnesses inflicted by smoking. For a healthier life all round, solution focused hypnotherapy can assist with the cestation of smoking with just one session, thus saving you further health problems as well as money.

  • Behavioural issues, including personal, relationship or marital difficulties, anger management, lack of confidence. When suffering from behavioural issues it can be hard to make that first step towards self-help, this takes courage which we all have if we look deep into ourselves. When we tackle issues like these we are regaining control over our lives, and have such potential to live our lives to the full, rather than avoiding situations because we are shy and lacking in confidence, or quite the opposite if you feel you get agitated or aggressive easily. Problems like these can leave you feeling like you are caged within your own life – but with solution focused hypnotherapy you will always receive a non-judgemental welcome; you can hold the key, set yourself free and step into a new world, fulfil your dreams and desires and say ‘yes’ to invitations rather than making excuses or cancelling last minute. Release yourself and embrace life!

  • Stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, including associated problems, such as nail biting, skin ailments, migraines and more. In modern life, the majority of us suffer from stress, some of us from time to time, but for others it can be constant and it can consume us, while we carry on our day to day life, stress can manifest within us physically and mentally. Depression and anxiety all too often running side by side are two of the leading illnesses born from stress. In 2013, there were 8.2 million cases of depression and anxiety in the UK, women are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed as men. This figure only includes those who seek medical help or diagnosis, the real figure is unknown. Mental health can be seen as a taboo subject and hidden behind closed doors, however, this causes un-necessary suffering and can cause the illnesses to escalate and encompass things such as migraines, skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis and also nervous habits such as nail biting. In this modern world there is help out there, solution focused hypnotherapy being a very effective complementary therapy, which may be used safely alongside medication or as a lone therapy. Helping your mental well-being could also be helping other issues in your life, enhancing and enriching life, giving you the tools to flourish once again.

  • Phobias, for example heights, spiders, clowns, public speaking. For some who have phobias, they may only be affected by them every now and then, thus not causing any real problems in life. For others having certain phobias can inhibit lives, having to avoid certain things can cause all sorts of issues, from cancelling plans to affecting people’s jobs. For some, having a phobia can be a major issue. Phobias can appear at any stage in life, they do not always need to be triggered by a bad or traumatic experience. There is such a long list of phobias that we would not have space to list them all! Whatever your phobia, even if it is minor, solution focused hypnotherapy can help you deal with it and build a future without having to avoid some situations, creatures, heights and such. Giving you freedom to live and work without being inhibited by your fears and phobias.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, such as excessive hand washing, refusing to use public cutlery, labelling items, constantly arranging things in a manner of perfection, doing something in a certain order and getting agitated and having to start over because you missed a step. These can be life limiting issues and there are many more than listed above. Embrace and enjoy life to the maximum without OCD, go out to your favourite restaurant and enjoy being pampered without the need to take your own cutlery, or having to dash to the toilet to wash your hands several times, or even without having to hold yourself until you get home before using the toilet. With your solution focused hypnotherapist you will set realistic targets and goals, looking towards the future, a future free from OCD rather than focusing on how it makes you act now. Free yourself from this disorder and raise your limits.

  • Physical illness such as IBS, headaches and migraines, blood pressure irregularities and many more. Our bodies are designed to be able to repair themselves, we can, not always necessarily with the aid of medication, help our bodies to heal and work efficiently. Many physical illnesses are born of other illnesses or are the result of our lifestyle, for instance, many headaches are the result of built up stress, causing our bodies to be un-necessarily tense, thus travelling through our tensed muscles and residing in our neck causing headaches or worse migraines. IBS can sometimes be the result of an incorrect diet; maybe you eat on the run or have food intolerance. Using relaxation and visualisation your solution focused hypnotherapist can help you to bring your body into balance which can rid or ease your body of your ailment. Enhancing your life, enabling you to accomplish so much more in both your daily and long term life.

Enlightening Hypnotherapy Solutions will tailor your treatment to fit you and your needs during your initial consultation. The number of sessions required will vary from person to person, depending on the nature of their problem. This will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Smoking cessation can be achieved in a single session after your initial consultation. Phobias may take approximately 3 sessions, while anxiety disorders and depression can take 9 to 12 sessions or more if required, this will be discussed as the sessions progress.

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by Annette Geering