About Annette

My Background

I've been doing public readings for a number of years and have built up an ever-expanding client-base and a good reputation over the years across Wiltshire and the surrounding areas. I have many returning clients and recommendations, all of who I enjoy working with thoroughly.

As I have continued on my spiritual journey, I have ventured into the world of meditation. On top of this, I have also become a Solution Focused hypnotherapist and have enjoyed helping many clients overcome a range of issues. As time has passed, I have used my skills to teach the art of meditation to others, and I am proud to have presented a number of Tarot Card courses to small groups over the last few years. 


My Journey of Discovery

My journey initially began when I was younger - it all started as dreams throughout my childhood. These dreams would manifest themselves as premonitions: mostly good, but at times, bad. As a child, it is hard to understand these experiences, or even begin to understand the true meanings behind them. 

I always felt like a lonely child, and my upbringing wasn't always a memorable one. I was in and out of school, and I was sometimes picked on by others. I was very close to a friend, who has now sadly passed away, but it was almost as if I had become part of her family. There were always fun moments, and this is where I felt my happiest. 

I use these experiences to look at where they have brought me today, and how they have influenced my life and made me a stronger person. Whilst I still get the odd day that I feel things aren't going my way, I focus on spirituality and mindfulness and approach each day as brand new. 

I have met and read for the most amazing of people throughout my journey so far, and meeting like-minded people has helped me to improve my skills and has helped me to discover more pathways on my journey such as learning my spiritual awareness through a couple of meditation groups. 

Enchanted Tarot

by Annette Geering